Shakespeare has like a character named Antonio in about four or five of his plays, and the dude is usually somewhat minor, involved with the sea and possibly other men. So I have this theory that Shakespeare had a buddy named Antonio who was basically the Yoko Ono of the King’s Men.

Antonio would be this gruff, sexually-ambiguous, partially-literate Italian merchant/sailor dude who would occasionally show up in London and end up hangin’ out and drinking with the actors. Shakespeare would be like “EEEEYYY, come join in, brah!” and invariably write him a role in the show. The actors HATED it because he was terrible at acting, so terrible that he could never even remember his character’s name and Shakespeare would usually have to switch it to Antonio. Eventually, everyone just got so fed up with Antonio mucking up their shows that they burned down the Globe.

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Okay so this episode was super underwhelming for me. Like, super duper underwhelming. But eh, some of it was good so we’ll see how next week goes. 

Bottom 6:

Bridget (Thought so.)

Marquet (Is Jessica cursed or something?)

Brooklyn (Huh. I’m not surprised or unsurprised.)

Serge (WHAT He danced so well last week!)

Tanisha (My sisters must be so happy about this.)


Valerie and Ricky: Bollywood

Okay so I wanted to like that a lot. But the bollywood routines on this show have been so good in the past and this was just “okay” and it looked like Valerie messed up a few times, to be honest. It didn’t do it for me, which sucks because I like Ricky and Valerie.

Bridget and Emilio: Contemporary (and no one’s surprised)

YAS TRAVIS YAS. Bridget needed this routine and she needed it bad. This was one of those contemporary routines that aren’t the same routine recycled, and she should be really happy she got this piece this week. They did RULL well.

Tanisha and Rudy: Hip Hop

So. Many. Triple. Hips.

I mean, I liked it and was also on the fence. It was a fun dance with a fun premise and I didn’t dislike it for sure but I also felt like there were too many goddamn triple hips.

But hey can we stop putting turns and kicks into hip hop routines? Thanks. It may have been that was the thing that turned me off, not their dancing.

Marcquet and Jessica: Foxtrot

Hmmm. A sexy foxtrot, eh? I dug it. It was so smooth and well danced—she clearly did her homework on that. And Marcquet did well too. I enjoyed that more than I enjoy foxtrots because (sorry) they bore me, so.

Carly and Serge: Contemporary (aggaiiin)

Okay this dance was Carly featuring Serge basically holding her up the whole time and that was annoying for me because it wasn’t equal. Ugh. 

I will say however they’re both growing on me like a lot which I love because neither of them was on my radar until last week’s hip hop routine.

Teddie and Emily: Salsa

Oh nooooo. That was such an awkward salsa. The arms were awkward. It just didn’t work. It was fun in the face I guess. But I GASPED when Emily slipped. Oop.

Jacque and Zack: Jazz

I was on the fence at the beginning—it felt like the routine was trying to be the butt dance but wasn’t…then…somehow something clicked and I was like YAAASSSSS WERRRKKK YAAAS. I love him. I really hope he doesn’t go home.

Brooklyn and Casey: Hip Hop


This is just…a hot mess. Like the choreography was there but they did not dance that the way it was meant to be danced. Just…I’m disappointed.

Mini Group 1: (Tanisha, Serge, Brooklyn, Casey, Emily, Emilio, Zack, Valerie)

I liked it. I did. Sonyah, though. Like Sonya. 

I mean, what can you say after that?

Though I’m not sure what the show is getting at with the veins.

Mini Group 2: (Jessica, Marcquet, Carly, Rudy, Teddie, Jacque, Birdget, Ricky)



I sat with my hand on my mouth gaping wide open the whole time. Fuck me, dude. Fucckk meeeeee.

Sent Home:

Marcquet (knew it)

Brooklyn (seemed like the way to go considering the other two girls did so well. Harumph.)

The International Justice League of Super Acquaintance is a subsidiary of Viacom.

Well that was a hot fucking mess.

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Looks like Jessica’s partner is going home again because no way they’re sending home Zack or Serge. I just know it.

Uuggghhh. I love Marcquet. But when you get critiques like that you always go home.

Anonymous asked: I think ricky DESERVES the hype cuz he definitely killed that. But I think Val a bit short

Well I mean I’m all for hyping people, especially the ones I like.

It just feels rigged to me at this point.